Documentation Virtual Assistant

Documentation Virtual Assistant

We know how to create Online Installation Guides, Online Help Desk / Customer Support Knowledge Base and User Manuals.

The documentation we create is designed so that it can be understood and effectively used by your customers.

A well-crafted, user-friendly product manual or user guide can mean the difference between a fantastic customer experience and a terrible one.

You need some help.

Knowing that you need help is the easy part.

Finding the time, space or resources to hire that additional help is not quite so easy. You don’t have time to go through the usually hiring process. You simply need a “go to” person that can materialize right now, immediately provide effective assistance, and then disappear until needed again.

If this sounds familiar, have you considered using a Virtual Assistant?

Benefits of a Documentation

Virtual Assistant

Installation Guides:

An Installation Guide focuses mainly on how to install the product rather than on its features or usage scenarios. In the case of software products, it’s also referred to as a setup guide that should provide configuration procedures to make the system ready for use.

A typical installation guide includes such sections as pre-installation and system requirements, installation procedures, troubleshooting, and an uninstall procedure.

Online Help Desk:

Great user documentation doesn’t just have to be for customers. Your product support team can use documentation to help better support your customers when they ask for help.

When you include essential pieces, such as a table of contents or index, they can quickly find the information they need. And, if it’s a searchable electronic document, that’s even better!

Knowledge Base:

Customers often call support when they can’t figure something out. But, if customers can figure it out themselves, they’re far less likely to need help. In fact, more than 70 percent of people prefer to use a company’s website for help rather than get assistance using phone or email.

Even the best documentation won’t eliminate all of these calls, but creating user guides and manuals that are clear, comprehensive, and concise will go a long way to reduce the overall volume of support requests.

User Manuals:

A User Manual is the most well-known type of user documentation. It contains the fullest, most detailed information on the product and typically includes online content divided into logical sections dedicated to different aspects or functionality of the product.

A User Manual frequently includes a troubleshooting guide that provides common solutions to the most typical issues the users might encounter while using the product.

User Forums:

Providing your customers with a chance to communicate and share their experiences can be a great solution. You will never be able to include everything in your documentation and answer all of the possible questions that might arise, so let people talk to each other, discuss their challenges and impressions, ask for help and answer questions. It’s a priceless source of real-world feedback too, so be sure to use it for analytical and marketing purposes.

Now that you know you want to hire a Virtual Assistant, how do you go about finding one?

  • You can use a VA staffing company. A VA staffing company will have a lot of people with different skill sets that they can provide.
  • You can use a staffing portal. With a staffing portal, you post your job requirements and hundreds of people will apply.
  • You can get VA help through an existing vendor. Getting a VA from a trusted existing vendor is the gold standard.


Obviously, we prefer that you get your Virtual Assistant help through an existing vendor – more specifically, through Media Motion Online.

What are the advantages of getting a Virtual Assistant through Media Motion Online?

Proven Asset:

You may or may not already know us. We cannot change that. But if you will give us the opportunity, we will demonstrate our skills and the quality of our work.

We have the knowledge, ability and insight learned and honed throughout our careers in successfully starting and running businesses. We are confident that we can make an immediate and meaningful contribution to you and your business.

If you want a fresh look at our skills, please take a look at some of the Virtual Assistant skills that we offer.

More Than Just Hourly Labor:

We are not just temporary help or even the usual Virtual Assistant.

We are seasoned business people with a broad range of business knowledge and experience. We can and do provide ideas and suggestions that add overall value to your project and business.

No Contracts:

At Media Motion Online, we have work product agreements. Those work product agreements provide an understanding of the work that we will provide.

Those work product agreements do not require that you use our Virtual Assistant services beyond the work that has already been performed. 

If we do the job that you want, please do use our services. But use our services only when you need them.

Talk with us about the task that you need done. Once we agree on a price and delivery date, we will deliver the work at that price – on or before the delivery date.

Guaranteed Results:

At Media Motion Online, if you are not 100% satisfied with the work we deliver, there will be no charge to you for that work.

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our work.

We don’t just talk the talk.

We also walk the walk and deliver what we promised or you don’t pay.

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