Our Mission

We like working with small business owners / founders. We particularly like working with them when they are in the manager personality as they go through the efficiency and growth startup phases.

Business owners / founders have three personalities:

  • The entrepreneur personality is the one with the vision and ambition of what could be.
  • The manager is the one who focuses on bringing that vision into reality by working through people and systems.
  • The employee is the one who does the actual work – building and selling.
Problem Solvers

Every business owner / founder has all three personalities in them. In the early startup, discovery, and validation phases, the two personalities that are the most active are the entrepreneur and the employee personalities.

During the startup discovery, and validation phases, the owner / founder is typically the person defining and doing the work. An easily repeatable system isn’t really required.

However, once the company starts to to grow past the validation phase and enters the efficiency and growth startup phases, the managerial work becomes crucial.

During the efficiency and growth startup phases, many businesses need to implement processes and procedures that they may have skipped during the previous phases. These processes and procedures might include projects like adding a Help Desk system including a Knowledge Base and Forum so that their customers can support themselves.

We have the knowledge and experience to implement a Help Desk system in almost any industry and can provide as many Support Articles as needed. 

For more information about our skills and experience, please read our Knowledge Base articles on our Media Motion Online Help Desk.

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